Cong govt resorted to desperate measures in the last one year: Defence min

Cong govt resorted to desperate measures in the last one year: Defence min

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said the Congress government to impress the electorate had resorted to desperate measures that were unhealthy for the democracy.

During her open remarks at an interactive session organised by the Citizens Forum in Malleswaram on Sunday, she said Karnataka requires a bold leadership that is clean and clear in its decision making.

“Vote for the party that takes decisions without any intent of appeasing a section of society and delivers what is promised. Most of the promises made by the Congress have not been fulfilled. We need to call this bluff,” she said.

Accusing the Congress of attempting to divide society, she said the regime woke up in the last one year after four years of non-performance.

“In their last year, there was a rush to do work and earn people’s trust by giving little pieces of a lollipop. Now, when you vote, you should assess the performance of the government. In many villages, people’s representatives are not allowed inside if they do not perform. Such objective analyses should be infused in your narrative,” she said.

She said the BJP fought the appeasement policy in 2014 and has taken some decisions though they may not be popular.

“Similarly, Karnataka stands first for us. We are against the ‘family-first policy,” she said.

The interaction that followed saw more suggestions than questions, with many urging the BJP to introduce compulsory defence education and even compulsory short-term service.

Nirmala also clarified issues related to India-China border.

At one point, the audience got angry for not being given a chance to ask a question.

The defence minister had to intervene to restore calm.

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