Cops vow action against car stunt Kiki Challenge

Cops vow action against car stunt Kiki Challenge

The police have vowed to crack down on anyone attempting the #KIKICHALLENGE, in the city. Kiki Challenge is a dance act performed by stepping out of a moving car and dancing on the road.

“If you dance for #KikiChallenge on the roads, we’re sure of making you dance behind bars!! Kiki Challenge may get you a Kick of Law not Kick of Dance,” the police warned on Twitter with hashtags #InMyFeelings or #InOurJail #KikiChallenge.

The police said the challenge is considered to be risky with performers dancing alongside a moving vehicle and hopping back into it. Youths are getting attracted and are falling prey to such challenges that are a nuisance.

“These acts are risky not only to the performer but also pose a danger to fellow commuters in clear violation of traffic rules,” the advisory stated.

The police said the video footage that accompanies the violation will prove to be evidence and is punishable under law.

The performer may end up either behind bars or in hospital, it stated. Both the traffic and law and order division of Bengaluru city police have appealed to the youth not to perform or encourage such dangerous dance/acts.

BigBoss contestant in soup

Meanwhile, a reality TV star has gained publicity by taking up the challenge. The Halasuru Gate law and order police received a complaint alleging that BiggBoss contestant Nivedita Gowda who recently took up the Kiki challenge is encouraging such challenges which could cause hurt not only to performers but to others as well.

Niveditha took up the Kiki Challenge and posted it on her Instagram account where she has a huge fan following. Not new to controversies, Nivedhita’s post invited criticism.

One netizen lodged a complaint with Halasuru Gate law and order police station. Nivedhitha soon deleted her #KikiChallenge video from her Instagram account saying, “I realised my mistake and deleted the video.”

The complaint said legal action needs to be taken against Nivedhitha for her irresponsible actions and posting them on social media encouraging others.

As she is a celebrity, she has a huge fan following and all her followers
could take up the challenge, he added.

Meanwhile, Halasuru Gate law and order police said the issue is related to traffic and could endanger motorists, and is not an issue pertaining to law and order.

The Halasuru Gate police said they had forwarded the complaint to their traffic counterparts, who claim they have not received it.


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