Drunk man dies while climbing apartment

Drunk man dies while climbing apartment

A 23-year-old man died after he attempted climbing a building in an inebriated state. He slipped from the second floor of the GLV Enclave apartment near Gayathri Nagar on Tuesday night.

Deceased Vijay was a resident of Devaiah Park, Srirampuram. His father Umesh, a pharmacist, had advised his unemployed son to supervise the sale of medicines. However, Vijay did not show any interest in that work.

According to the police, on Tuesday evening, Vijay had consumed alcohol at a bar. Later, he parked his scooter near the Orion Mall and went inside the GLV Enclave apartment premises, jumping the compound wall.

When the security guard’s wife spotted him late in the night, she started screaming. The guard caught him, but Vijay convinced the guard that he was not a thief. Soon after the couple went back inside, Vijay followed.

He tried to climb the building but lost control when he reached the second floor and fell to his death. The entire incident was captured on CCTV.

After hearing the commotion, residents came out and saw Vijay in a pool of blood. Subramanyanagar police registered a case of unnatural death and are investigating.