‘Focus on gender sensitisation to include more women’

‘Focus on gender sensitisation to include more women’

Expressing solidarity with scientists all over the world to defend science on the occasion of World March for Science, the Bengaluru-based Breakthrough Science Society on Saturday held a seminar on 'Women in Science', attended by noted scientists and researchers from various premier institutions.

The seminar deliberated on challenges faced by women in science and technology, besides stressing on their greater participation in research.

Prof Sumati Surya, professor at Raman Research Institute, highlighted how discrimination was prevalent in the scientific society and said this can cause a loss of productivity.

Prof Prajval Shastri, senior astrophysicist, revealed that several women had worked to render an image of the black hole for the very first time. "Today, in many premier institutes, the number of women is less than one per cent. Gender sensitisation is necessary to overcome the problem," she said.

Adding further, Prof Shastri said: "The team which worked towards the discovery of the black hole recently had many women scientists. But today in several premier research institutes, the percentage of women scientists is less than 1 per cent."