Four held for hacking eatery owner to death

Four held for hacking eatery owner to death


Rajagopal Nagar police arrested four individuals on Wednesday for murdering Umesh, owner of a roadside eatery.

The accused hacked Umesh (37) to death on the 2nd Main Road near Srigandhakaval on May 12.

Cops picked up Raveesh alias Ravi (44), Jithendra alias Jithu (30), residents of Hegganahalli along with Sumanth Raj (29) and Pradeep (40), both from Andhrahalli.

Police are yet to arrest Kishore, the prime accused. Kishore had an illicit affair with Umesh’s wife. He even uploaded videos of their private moments on social media.

Based on CCTV footage and call detail records, a team headed by inspector Dinesh Patil arrested the accused, hiding in their relatives’ houses in Tumakuru and Chitradurga.

Umesh, a native of Maddur, married a woman from there 13 years ago. The couple lived in a rented house in Hegganahalli.

Kishore was a driver at the school where the couple’s daughter was studying. He came in contact with them while regularly picking up their daughter.

Once, Kishore told Umesh that he was underpaid and was unable to pay the rent, and sought accommodation at the latter’s house. By then, he was fixated on Umesh’s wife.

Unaware, Umesh agreed. During his stay, Kishore video-graphed intimate moments of Umesh’s wife on his mobile.

Kishore then started pressurising Umesh’s wife to agree to a physical relationship with him, threatening to upload the videos on social media. The woman then told the story to her husband.

On January 13, Kirshore and Umesh had a fight. Kishore was sent out from the house thereafter. Kishore, on January 15, uploaded all the videos on Facebook and shared them with friends on Whats App.

Soon after, Umesh’s wife went to Kishore and humiliated him in public. She then filed a complaint before Rajagopal Nagar police. Kishore was arrested and sent to judicial custody.

Out on bail, on May 1, Kishore joined work at a factory on Laggere Main Road. He befriended Raveesh, Jithendra, Sumanth and Pradeep.

On May 12, all five went to a bar and consumed alcohol. When Kishore offered Rs 10,000 each to murder Umesh, they accepted. The gang barged into Umesh’s hotel. They threw chilli power at Umesh and hacked him to death.