It's a dark walk from railway station to Metro station

It's a dark walk from railway station to Metro station

It's a dark walk from railway station to Metro station

People walking towards the rear entrance of the Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna railway station from the KRS Metro station pray at every step they take. This is because the path is dark with no lighting, no signboards, and no security guards.

Those walking to platform 8, 9 or 10 of the railway station have to navigate every step they take. The fleet of steps for the platform 10 not only lack proper illumination but are broken. The road behind the railway quarters is narrow, dark and unattended.

"The first time when I was moving out of the railway station towards the Metro station, I walked on the overbridge for nearly 15 minutes with all my luggage searching for the nearest connectivity," said Sunitha L.

"It was difficult to get down from platform 1 of the railway station and cross the road to reach Majestic Metro station. I found a railway guard on platform 3 who told me to go through platform 10. He also asked me to be cautious as the road is dark and isolated," Sunitha added.

However, for the second time when she had to take the route, she was geared up with a torch. She also helped others struggling to make their way out.

According to her, the delay in completing foot overbridge that connects the two stations was causing a lot of inconveniences.

Another commuter, Kavitha R on Thursday night also had to struggle to find her way to the railway station. Her two children were scared all the stretch.

People have found their own way to tackle the inconvenience. Some talk loudly on the mobile phones while walking through this stretch. Some even play loud music to indicate others of their presence.

Interestingly, this stretch also connects the railway quarters and the railway station.

'Matter will be addressed'

U A Vasanth Rao, Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited, general manager, finance, said she would look into the matter and take steps to illuminate the area and put up the signboards.

Ashwin Mahesh, an urban expert said the railways should make the lighting arrangement as the stretch was in its jurisdiction. It is the duty of all departments to ensure the safety of citizens, the expert added.

However, despite repeated attempts, there was no reply from the South Western Railways.