KIA: Abandoned baggage triggers panic, flyers post vid

KIA: Abandoned baggage triggers panic, flyers post vid

Unattended baggage at the passenger waiting area at the Kempegowda International Airport triggered panic on Saturday morning.

Security personnel cordoned off the area and cleared the baggage as harmless. Panic spread when a few passengers took videos of the baggage and posted it on social media, saying it looked suspicious.

BIAL police told DH that a passenger went to the restroom leaving his baggage at the waiting area around 8.30 am. Since he was gone for long, a few passengers noticed the unattended bag for a while and began taking videos of it.

Some passengers informed the airport security personnel, prompting the CISF personnel to cordon off the area, while the BDDS (bomb detection and disposal squad) inspected the bag. They handed the bag to the BIAL police after finding only clothes and other personal effects of the passenger.

Meanwhile, searching for his bag, the owner also visited the police station to file a complaint about his missing luggage. The police handed him the bag and asked him to take care of his belongings.

Even as the baggage was handed over to the rightful owner, social media was abuzz over the abandoned and suspicious baggage at the airport until Saturday noon.