Residents want full property takeover by BMRCL

Residents want full property takeover by BMRCL

Owners of 12 properties in Kasturinagar who will be affected by the revised Metro line to airport have expressed concern over partial demolition of their buildings and have urged BMRCL to acquire the entire property.

In October 2018, the BMRCL announced the alignment of the proposed Metro line from Nagawara to Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) has been changed. Officials proposed a new line from KR Puram to KIA via Hebbal. 

However, owners of nine of the 12 properties to be affected by the project have written to Deputy Chief Minister G Parameshwara, stating that their petition seeking a hearing has been ignored by BMRCL.

H M Chandrashekar, one of the owners, said they wrote to Metro authorities on March 25, 2019, seeking an opportunity to submit their grievances. “While there was no reply from the corporation, the general manager for land acquisition, assured us our concerns would be heard and incorporated. However, no such opportunity was given,” he said.

The property owners wrote to Parameshwara after a team of officers “descended on our property on a Sunday and marked all our properties in red paint”, providing little information. 

They have now learnt that the Metro authority will take over a portion of the property. “Partial takeover will put us into hardship as the value of the property will go down due to its asymmetrical structure while those who remain there will be affected by the Metro work,” he said.

“According to the Comprehensive Development Plan 2015, 3rd Main Road, Kasturinagar, has to be widened to 12 plus metres from the present width of about 6 metres at the southern end and 8 metres at the northern end. As the lone feeder road to Baiyappanahalli Metro station, the road sees heavy traffic. Property owners who stay here will suffer in the coming days,” they said.

They said BMRCL should seriously consider the option of acquiring the entire portion of the 12 properties. 

BMRCL Chief Public Relations Officer B L Yashavanth Chavan said partial land/property acquisitions are made after confirming that the remaining portion can be occupied. “These are practical matters decided by expert engineers. We are utilising public funds and can’t waste it on acquiring property that is not needed,” he added.