Major traffic violations came down in 2018

Major traffic violations came down in 2018

Traffic offences

Major traffic violations like reckless driving, riding without a helmet and drunken driving have come down in 2018, the traffic police data has revealed.

However, minor violations like having a defective silencer, carrying excess passengers and lengthy materials are increasing.

According to the police, the campaigns undertaken by the department about traffic violations through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter has had a huge impact.

A senior traffic police officer said, “The important reason for the decrease in the number of major traffic violations in the city is the traffic awareness campaigns done by the department on social media and through advertisements in leading newspapers.”

“Awareness campaigns are conducted in schools for children under Students Association for Road Safety (SARS) Initiative and the monthly citizen committee meetings at police stations,” the officer added.

The police accepted that there is an increase in minor cases. “We are also conducting drives against all violations. We can register cases for defective silencers, carrying excess passengers and other minor cases,” another officer explained.

The traffic police are also conducting training and awareness programmes for visitors regarding road safety at the Traffic Management Center on Queen's Road.