Police informant dragged into cemetery, tortured

Police informant dragged into cemetery, tortured

An autorickshaw driver was abducted, dragged into a cemetery, stripped and badly beaten up in eastern Bengaluru’s Marathahalli on January 25. His crime? He had tipped off the police about two history-sheeters. 

The two men — Kishore, from Kadubeesanahalli, and Appu, from Devarabeesanahalli — came to an autorickshaw stand at Devarabeesanahalli around 7.30 pm and forced Ravik Kumar (19) into his own three-wheeler. They then drove him to the Panathur cemetery, which is located in a desolate landscape. 

They were furious that he had tipped off the police about their criminal activities. 

Video goes viral

They stripped him and brutally assaulted him with a blade and logs, ignoring his apologies and pleas for mercy. Kumar even promised not to tip off the police again, but the men didn’t spare him. They filmed the incident on their mobile phone. The video has gone viral on WhatsApp. 

Kumar somehow reached the jurisdictional police station and filed a complaint. The police said that they knew where the suspects were hiding and would track them down soon.