Proceedings against Agni Sridhar quashed

Proceedings against Agni Sridhar quashed

Agni Sridhar

The Karnataka High Court on Wednesday quashed the criminal proceedings against the gangster-turned-activist Agni Sridhar and seven others in the Yelahanka shootout on APMC chief Kadabagere Seena.

The police had arrested Agni Sridhar for giving shelter to the accused in the shootout case.  Tata Ramesh, a close aide of Seena, filed a complaint that he had received threat calls from rowdy Rohith and Satish—a close associate of Yelahanka MLA S R Vishwanath—believed to be sheltered by Sridhar. Following this, the police arrested seven people. Sridhar was arrested after lethal weapons were found in his residence.

Ramesh on Wednesday filed an affidavit in the high court, stating that he had filed the complaint following a misunderstanding and that he withdraws his complaint.

Following his statement, the court quashed the proceedings against the accused including Sridhar.