Sheelavanthakere Lake bund road turns into dump site

Sheelavanthakere Lake bund road turns into dump site

Garbage dumped on the road across the Sheelavanthakere Lake near Whitefield. Facebook

The roads and platforms across the Sheelavanthakere Lake near Whitefield are losing their beauty as they have turned to a garbage dump yard.

In the past, many resident welfare associations in and around Whitefield had struggled hard to get the roads and platforms near the lake fixed. They had also staged several protests. But now, the roads are in a pathetic condition. They have worn out at some places and are marked with potholes. The platforms are filled with waste.

“Did we protest just to show our anger to the government? Everyone wants the roads and platforms. But they fail to keep them clean. It is quite impossible to stop people from dumping waste," said a resident of Whitefield.

However, some residents said the lack of waste segregation facilities in the area had forced them to dump garbage on the roads.

‘Not just the roads, the lake premises are spoiled because of dumping of waste. The residents have put in a lot of efforts to revive the lake in the past. We do not want this lake to be ruined like the Nallurahalli Lake,” said Swetha S, another resident.

"The Palike should penalise those who dump trash. There is a penalty rule as such, but I don't see its execution," she added.