Swiggy delivery boys, hotel staff released on bail

Swiggy delivery boys, hotel staff released on bail

Swiggy delivery boys vandalised the Empire Restaurant, Bannerghatta Road, following a face-off with the staff in the early hours of January 13.

Twenty-four Swiggy delivery boys, booked for vandalising a restaurant in southern Bengaluru to protest a reduction in their incentive, have been released on bail by the police. Seven employees of the restaurant, who allegedly assaulted the delivery boys, also got bail. 

The two groups had clashed on the premises of Empire Restaurant, Bannerghatta Road, in the early hours of January 13. The immediate trigger was a petty incident: the motorbike of Nadeem, a Swiggy delivery boy, had brushed against a vehicle belonging to a hotel staffer, Farooq. The two got into an argument which soon turned into fisticuffs. 

Farooq, joined by other restaurant staffers, overpowered and beat up Nadeem. The delivery boy, in turn, called his co-workers. The delivery boys soon outnumbered the restaurant staff and vandalised the property. 

Boralingiah, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Southeast), said the restaurant had cut the delivery incentive from Rs 40 to Rs 30, citing poor performance.

The restaurant promised to pay another Rs 10 if delivery boys received positive feedback from customers. 

Delivery boys felt cheated by the cut in the incentive and held a grudge against the restaurant staff. The officer said separate FIRs had been registered at the jurisdictional Mico Layout police station over the vandalism of the restaurant property and the assault on the delivery boys. “We will charge them after conducting a detailed enquiry and collecting evidence,” he added. None of the suspects has a criminal record, he clarified. 

When contacted, a human resource executive at the Empire Group refused to comment on the matter.