As water recedes, serpents surface in Hulimavu

As water recedes, serpents surface in Hulimavu

A snake found in a house in Hulimavu on Monday. DH photo

Many residents in and around Hulimavu on Bannerghatta Road, whose Sunday evening was ruined by the sudden deluge from the breached lake, were in a state of panic after snakes began to crawl into apartments and houses.

More than 10 volunteers of the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) wildlife cell, led by deputy conservator of forests (DCF) Ranganatha Swamy, were on constant vigil around the locality, and in less than 24 hours rescued about 16 snakes and a couple of terrapins (turtles) braving difficult conditions.

The rescuers divided into different teams and were constantly attending to distress calls from apartment dwellers, villas and local citizens.

Rajesh, a wildlife volunteer, said, “Snakes like the spectacled cobra, Russell’s viper, banded racer and checkered keelback were rescued till Monday afternoon. Of the rescued snakes, only the cobra and viper are venomous snakes and the rest were non-venomous.”

Another volunteer Jayaraj said, “Along with the snakes, we also rescued two terrapins.”

Amid the panic, several people were catching terrapins to rear them as pets. Chirantan, a resident of Prakruthi Enclave, said, “People caught turtles believing they would bring good fortune according to vaastu shastra.”