Vets say arrests 'unjustified'

Vets say arrests 'unjustified'

Protesting over the arrest of three veterinarians, the Karnataka Veterinary Association on Saturday warned of a state-wide strike if action is not taken against the police officers involved.

The three veterinarians were arrested on August 31 by the HAL police over the death of 11-year-old Praveen, who was mauled by a pack of street dogs in Vibhutipura last week.

The action marks a fresh face-off between veterinarians and the police in the wake of dog bite incidents.

"Stray dogs biting children also leave us pained. This is an accident. Holding veterinarians responsible is not justified," said Dr A D Shivaramu, secretary of the association.

He said veterinarians have been implementing Animal Birth Control procedures, disregarding their own safety.

"We've been doing the best with limited resources." Doctors do everything for the safety of the public, he said. He said the ABC programme has been implemented by private organisations and drew parallels with the excise department. "Going by this, the police should arrest excise officials for alcohol-related crimes."