Woman learns about husband's affair, commits suicide

Woman learns about husband's affair, commits suicide


A 36-year-old woman committed suicide after recording her last words on video, where she said she was taking the extreme step as her second husband was in love with another woman he met on Facebook.

The deceased has been identified as Ankita, a native of Nepal and a resident of Ejipura. She had come to the city five years ago in search of a job. She had married a man from her native place and had a child. But unable to bear the torture of her alcoholic husband, she left him. Later, she met a man Sonam who had separated from his wife, at her workplace. The duo fell in love and got married. 

Recently, Sonam came in contact with a woman on Facebook and was constantly chatting with her. He is also said to have contemplated marrying her.

Ankita then picked a quarrel with Sonam, which turned bitter on Sunday night.

She soon locked herself in her room. Later, she recorded the video on her mobile phone and committed suicide by hanging from the ceiling fan.

The Viveknagar police said that they came to know about the incident on Sunday night and sent the body for post-mortem. They informed her relatives and registered a case.

What’s in the video?

The police, who watched the video, said that before the suicide, Ankita recalled that her first husband was good. She spoke in Nepali, stating that, she did not listen to her parents while getting married to Sonam.

She married Sonam as her first husband was alcoholic and was torturing her. He too, turned out to be a bad person. She said in the video that Sonam cheated on her and was going behind another woman. Despite questioning him, there was no use.

“I left one person and came to live with another but he left me now. What is my future? So, I have decided to end my life,” the police quoted her as saying in the video.