Colour coding enhances coastal security

Colour coding enhances coastal security

The unique 12-digit number for registration of fishing vessels was the first among a series of steps initiated by the Home Ministry and the State Fisheries Department from 2010 as a part of the efforts to enhance coastal security.

The uniform colour coding for fishing vessels and issuing of biometric cards to fishermen in Dakshina Kannada is nearing completion. “Barring a few traditional fishing boats, the colour coding of 3270 fishing vessels (purse seine-62; Trawlers-1214; motorised-1454; traditional-540) is almost complete,’’ Chikkaveera Nayak, deputy director of the Fisheries Department informed DH.

Colours in boats

“The hull of registered wooden fishing boats was painted in white colour while the wheel house were painted blue. The hull in steel boats was coated with red oxide and blue colour for wheel house. The traditional fishing boat’s hull was painted in white with a black border. But as the colour coding was not to our expectations, the traditional fishing boats are being repainted,” he said.

The Department also had completed the process of issuing biometric cards for fishermen. “So far, 11,270 biometric cards were distributed to fishermen. As we had written letters to fishermen’s associations and diesel outlets, there has been complete compliance in availing of biometric identity cards,” he said.

Temporary cards

In tune to the ground realities, the Department had issued 52 temporary biometric cards to fishermen from other states working in Bunder port.

Nayak said the Department also had made it mandatory for 270 fishing boats, exceeding 20 mts, to instal automatic identification system (AIS) - an automatic tracking system. “The technology helps fishermen detect other vessels or rocks in the vicinity,” he said and added that Department releases 40% subsidy and 60% subsidy to women and SC/ST fishermen.