Being Kasab lawyer might have led to Bigg Boss ouster: Kazmi

Being Kasab lawyer might have led to Bigg Boss ouster: Kazmi

"I got to know that I received fewer votes because I was appointed as Kasab's lawyer. I feel people still have that anger against me as I represented him," Kazmi told PTI.
Kazmi was the first contestant to get evicted from the show on Friday, after.

"I think I might have got evicted from the show also because I was from the non-glamour world. Also, I was a threat to others as they saw me as a potential winner due to my background," Kazmi said.

The lawyer, along with 13 other contestants, was taking part in the show in which they are locked up in a house under the vigil of over 30 cameras for over three months. When asked about his purpose to participate  in the show, Kasab's former lawyer said, "I love challenges in my life. Also I wanted to feel the experience of living in virtual jail. In real life, I need to commit a crime to be in jail. The Bigg Boss virtual jail was a beautiful place."

He said, "People from the glamour world take part in the show because they want to become popular and look forward to getting break in films," he added. The lawyer also feels that former dacoit Seema Parihar, who is facing several cases of murder, has less chances of winning the contest. Kazmi said film-maker Mahesh Bhatt's son Rahul and model Aanchal Kumar are the deserving contestants to win the show.

Talking about the format of the show, Kazmi said, "The show sends out a positive message of communal harmony. It is great to meet and stay with people from different walks of life, age groups, caste and countries under one roof."