A scene from BoltWalt Disney’s latest animation flick is about a loveable dog actor named Bolt (John Travolta) trained to believe he is a real crime-fighting superdog.

Five years after Bolt is adopted by his young owner Penny (Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana) they are a TV hit pair, only that Bolt really thinks Penny needs constant protection from an evil scientist and his evil cats.

However, all changes when Bolt accidentally finds himself out of the studio and lands in New York. Out in the real world he gradually realises he’s not what he had always thought of. Even then, Bolt cannot forget Penny and with the help of a reluctant stray cat Mittens (Essman) and a cute little hamster Rhino (Walton), Bolt travels back to Hollywood to see if Penny really loves him.

The character of Bolt resonats well with Travolta’s sensitive-coarse voice. Besides it’s a relief to finally hear Miley Cyrus ‘singing’ something different now. Susie Essman as Mittens with her typical New Yorker accent is also quite impressive. Walt Disney Animation works are always a masterpiece in their own right and ‘Bolt’ is a classic example of great attention to detail. The well-written dialogue is also supplemented by excellent sound finishing.

The film doesn’t have many funny lines but the simple storyline based on trust and friendship does bring a soothing effect. Bolt, the TV show superdog, is after all, a wholesome family entertainer.

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