Where are the bonds, Mr CM ?

Where are the bonds, Mr CM ?

11,688 families are yet to get bonds till date

The government, had come out with this scheme with the main objective of providing financial assistance for the girl children belonging to poor families. Bonds were distributed by the chief minister and elected representatives amid much publicity at government programmes.

But unfortunately, 11,688 families who had registered under the scheme, are yet to get the bonds. This is the current status of the scheme.

With the number of names registering for the scheme increasing day by day, the number of people waiting to get the bonds are also increasing.

The government has failed to deposit the premium amount with the insurance company. This is said to be the reason for the delay in distributing the bonds. The Department of Women and Child Welfare has promised that the bonds would be distributed as soon as the amount is deposited.

Around 11,688 families which had registered their names up to March 31 during the year 2009-10, have not been distributed the bonds till date.

It may be noted that this is the status of the district represented by P M Narendraswamy, who was the Minister for Women and Child Welfare.

In all, 42,354 beneficiaries were identified during the year 2006-07, when the Bhagyalakshmi scheme was introduced, out of which 30,666 beneficiaries had been distributed bonds under the scheme.

Bonds have not been distributed to 74 persons who were registered during 2006-07. According to the scheme, the government has to deposit Rs 10,000 premium on behalf of the beneficiaries.

The department does not play any role in the scheme and as and when the money is deposited bonds will be distributed say the officials.

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