Looking 'haute' in sweaters

Looking 'haute' in sweaters

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Looking 'haute' in sweaters

In the ever-changing weather of Bangalore, where it’s hot at times and windy at other times, sweaters don’t really form an important part of one’s wardrobe right? Wrong, feel the girls of Jyoti Nivas PU College! According to these girls, by teaming the right sweater with the right garment, one can strike a fantastic style statement.

No wonder, they have a range of sweaters in their wardrobe and sport these colourful woollens every day to college.  There are various kinds of sweaters, these students explain — polo necks, hoodies, cardigans, pullovers and sweaters with zips and buttons. Sahar and Rochelle, two arts students, are proud owners of over 20 sweaters! “I wear a sweater every day and in fact, even sleep in it,” reveals Sahar.

While Rochelle highlights the USP of wearing a sweater. “It’s a faster way of dressing up. If you are unable to decide what you want to wear, you can always wear a pullover and still look stylish,” she says.

Teena, a commerce students says, “Showing skin is out of fashion these days. Covering up is in trend and sweaters are the best way to do it.” While Leah, another commerce student says, “It’s best to wear a plain colour t-shirt inside while wearing a sweater.”
Sachi, a commerce student, feels sweaters can be worn anywhere and anytime, not just during winters. “The baggy, oversized sweaters are totally in,” she exclaims. “They are comfortable and look trendy.” She adds, “There are days when you don’t know what to wear, and that’s when sweaters come in handy. Nowadays, the old-fashioned, buttoned, ‘aunty-type’ sweaters are in vogue.”

Be it skinny jeans, tights or skirts, sweaters look great with everything. Says Sahar, “I even wear sweaters on ‘kurtas’. My mother advices to me wear ‘dupatta’ with ‘salwar kameez’, so instead of a ‘dupatta’, I wear sweaters,” she smiles cleverly. According to these girls, it’s best not to dress too much while wearing sweaters.

“You just have to go for a casual look instead of a dress-to-impress look,” reveals Leah.
They also say heavy accessories with sweaters are a big no-no. “Small earrings and piercings look really cool,” says Rochelle. When it comes to shoes, one can go for canvas shoes, ballerinas or flip flops, that’s how versatile sweaters are, these girls feel.

Most of them go for woollen add-ons like mufflers, gloves and stoles. One can find these sweaters in the most happening places of the City, like Tibetan Plaza and Commercial Street.

“The non branded sweaters come for as less as Rs 300 to Rs 600,” the girls say. “But when it comes to pullovers, it’s best to go for brands like Puma and Reebok,” says Rochelle.

Black and white sweaters are the two must-haves in your wardrobe. “But since white gets dirty quite easily, black is the best option,” they all sign off.