Cops stop psychopath's run

Last Updated 20 October 2010, 19:24 IST

Girish would have been India’s answer to Ted Bundy, one of the world’s most cold-blooded serial killers of the 1970s, had he not been arrested after his fourth kill, so police in Lashkar neighbourhood of Mysore say.

The 26-year-old from Komerahalli in Mandya district has so far killed four women, all of them sex workers, and had moved to Bangalore, from where he was nabbed on Wednesday. He was arrested from the railway underpass near Majestic, where he was moving around in a suspicious manner, and brought to Mysore.

According to city Police Commissioner Sunil Agarwal, the case of Girish was quite similar to that of another serial killer, Mohan Kumar. While Kumar got into relationships with women promising marriage before doing them to death, Girish’s victims were all sex workers.

He would first strike a deal with the women and then take them either to secluded places or lodges. After having sex with them, he would pick up a quarrel with the women, often demanding his money back. He would also urge them to stay on for the entire night though the deal was just for a few hours.

Girish often beat up his victims before strangling them. After confirming they were dead, he would strip them of their belongings and scoot. He is said to have made a living out of such killings. His first two victims were found dead in Maddur police station limits in February and July. The third kill was in Mysore, at a lodge near the KSRTC suburban bus stand on September 18.

The body of his fourth victim was found in Mandya rural police station limits on October 1. According to the police, Girish showed traits of a psycopath, as he had told them of being possessed by a “spirit” before each killing.

Also, there could be a gang involved in such serial killings, of which Girish could be a prime member.  

Criminal record

Girish has a record of being involved in criminal activities and was associated with rowdy Cheernahalli Shankara (who was later murdered) in Mandya in 2004. He was arrested for the murder of Kishore, an engineering student and relative of one of Shankara’s arch rival, S K Ramanna. He was in Mandya jail for one year and seven months till his acquittal in the case.

Girish then moved to Bangalore, where he lived till 2009, jumping several jobs. Agarwal feels he might have been involved in similar criminal cases in Bangalore, too.

A detailed probe would reveal more of the crimes Girish could have committed or even of a group of serial killers, Agarwal says, adding the team of cops who would crack the case would be recommeded for state level awards.

(Published 20 October 2010, 17:29 IST)

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