Rationalists happy over demolition of village temple

Rationalists happy over demolition of village temple

Mixed reactions

Rationalists happy over demolition of village temple

The post-demolition remains of the historical Sankalamma Temple and the huge logs of trees in the Temple premises now stand as mute spectators to the demolition work undertaken by the district administration to enable widening of National Highway 7.

While a section of devotees are upset over the district administration’s move, a few rationalists are now relieved at the fact that the National Highway would finally be widened.

Growth of temple

What was initially a small temple gradually grown to be a major centre of pilgrimage which even helped in setting up of a trust.

However, a private firm, KNR constructions, appealed in the court to demolish the temple from its place in order to enable the road-widening work.

Despite the ban on animal sacrifice, the devotees as a mark of thanksgiving would offer animals to the goddess and some would even cook non-vegetarian at the premises irking the rationalists.


“The demolition for road widening work has finally put a full stop to the superstitions of devotees like animal sacrifice for well-being,” said a few rationalists, with a sense of hope.