The conscious self

Action happens through consciousness. It is because of this consciousness that you talk, walk, sit, cry and laugh. Consciousness expresses the three shaktis - Gyana Shakti, Ichcha Shakti and Kriya Shakti. Ichcha Shakti is desire, Gyana Shakti is the power of knowledge, wisdom and Kriya Shakti is the power to act. If there is co-ordination among the three shaktis, then life is very smooth. If not, then you will find yourself unhappy.

If you desire something, and if your Ichcha Shakti is very strong, but it does not correlate with knowledge, then it will be very foolish. Like, for example, a desire to have a house on the moon. If there is a lack of knowledge then you are just stuck with the desire.

Sometimes, you have knowledge but do not act on it. Even that can lead to misery.

Many a time you say that you will do or want to do certain things, yet you never do them. You just keep postponing something that you know you should do and which is good for you. An exercise or yoga class is the best example. There is the desire to attend the class, you know it is good for you, but then you do not go. This is a lack of Kriya Shakti.

Some people have lots of Kriya Shakti - they are restless. They keep moving around a table or chair, or wiping the same window over and over, or vacuuming the same carpet again and again, for absolutely no reason or purpose. This is action without knowledge, is due to the lack of Gyana Shakti.

What is lack of Ichcha Shakti? That’s when there is no strong desire. Doing something for some time, then two minutes later doing something else. The mind keeps changing.

Lethargy is also lack of Ichcha Shakti.

It is very rare to have a perfect balance of all three, but we must strive to come as close as possible as we can do a good balance. It is very important that we have all three, as one without the other is useless.

Yagna, Daana and Tapas - these are the three things that purify the human nervous system, the human consciousness and the human mind. When everybody gets together, chants, sings and meditates, then that is Yagna. People get depressed because they spend all their time thinking about themselves. When you start to think of how you can help those around you, then how can depression happen? That is Daana – when you give of yourself to others. People who are willing to serve will have good times even during the bad times. Tapas is observing the opposites, and going through them.

Opposite values come and bother you; bearing them is Tapas.

Contribute in whatever manner you can at any opportunity you get.

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