Bangalore University flunks test

Bangalore University flunks test

Pick-a-paper windfall for Hotel Management students

For, unlike the normal exam where the students are given a question, they will be given the option to select from two question papers!

The students will be given two sets of term papers of different syllabi - new and old, and will be asked to pick either to answer in the examination commencing November 9.
The unusual state of affairs is a result of total mess and lack of co-ordination among the various bodies of the Bangalore University.

The seeds of the muddle were sown when BU decided to bring BHM under BA/BSc/BCom board of studies. It was decided to prescribe the same English textbook for BHM, that was chosen for BCom. The Board of Studies (BOS) and Board of Examination communicated the decision to BU academic section. However, only a few colleges received the communication. Those who received the communication followed the new syllabus, while the others followed the old.

Confusion prevailed as the erstwhile BHM board and English BoS differed over the syllabus. Things came to a head when a few lecturers demanded that the BU clarify its  stand on the syllabus. In a fix, the university decided to allow students to have the option on the question paper. “We took a decision to allow the students, irrespective whether they are repeaters or freshers, to choose a question paper of their choice. it will will be communicated to BU,” BOE chairman Narasimha Reddy said.

Curriculum change

In May 2010, the university revised all language subjects for 2010-11.  But, the BU publications division delayed printing of the books and the new texts were available only two months into the semester.

The textbooks were sold out in a couple of days, as the publications division published just over 5,000 copies for more than 90,000 first semester students.

Postponement sought

Several teachers have urged the BU to postpone the exam at least by a week. According to the BU notification issued much earlier, the odd semester begins from July 15 and concludes on November 2 with 90 working days spread over three-and-half months excluding Sundays and national holidays.

Seven days were lost as colleges remained closed for some reason or the other. Portions could not be finished as the new textbooks were not available. University registrar R M Ranganath told Deccan Herald the BU “will look into the matter.”

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