Time to de-clutter your home

Time to de-clutter your home

Time to de-clutter your home

Shove aside sentimentality and dispose of any stuff you haven’t touched in the recent past – say, the last one year. Assure yourself that you can afford to buy any of the things you offload if they’re suddenly in demand. That way, it’s easier to make disposal-decisions! Check if the ‘raddiwalah’ is interested in any of the trash.

Then, it is time to rearrange your furniture. If you have exhausted all novel combinations, then, swap them for the latest! Hefty discounts are offered during this season. Replacing rugs, mats, carpets, cushions and curtains also lends a refreshing look. Or, dress up your couches and sofas with new upholstery in colours that coordinate with the hues on the wall. Show worn-down consumer durables the door. Newer models are available at reduced rates now. Plus, exchange offers and consumer loans at attractive interest rates also abound around this time.

Decorating outdoors with serial lights running along rooftops, windows, doorframes and around tree-trunks and bushes is common. But, beware! The result will be ostentatious if the lights aren’t tastefully strung up.

So, first map out the style keeping in mind the house’s location on the plot and the kind of plants there. Unleashing a plethora of lights on a tiny house set to the front of the plot will look garish. Ensure tall trees and tubby bushes don’t conceal from view your light garlands on the house. Decide between solely white or all coloured lights. Combining the two will mar the coloured lights’ effect. Use short strings. For, replacement’s easier if they turn out to be defective. 

Arrange earthen diyas and candles in artistic/symmetrical patterns on the front porch, backyard and balcony. String up mango leaves and flower garlands on the doorways as of yore. Hang colourful paper lanterns outside.

As for indoor decorations, place lit candles/diyas out of children’s reach. These must not hinder movement either. So also glass bowls with fresh flowers and floating candles on tables. You can decorate plain, earthen diyas yourself for dotting the window-sills. Some glue, paint, tiny mirrors, spangles and confetti will do the trick. For the illumination, use either blinking or steady lights. Pick only high-quality electrical decorations and extension cords. Remove damaged cords, if any. Always turn the lights off when you go to bed or outside. 

Prepare festoons with coloured/golden/silver paper. Twist thin, plain chunnis and display them in different patterns. Fresh flower garlands are forever appealing. Create hangings with coloured thermocol balls, designs cut out from old magazines, beads and pearls. Let the kids lend a hand. They’ll be excited and stay out of mischief! Draw intricate rangolis both inside and outside the house. Opt for traditional patterns. They’re believed to bring good fortune.