Malaysian PM's wife sings to welcome her VIP Indian 'friend'

Malaysian PM's wife sings to welcome her VIP Indian 'friend'

While the Malaysian and Indian heads of government were busy with their parleys, Rosmah entertained her VIP Indian "friend" Gursharan Kaur and acquainting her with the work of the Welfare Association of Wives of Ministers and Deputy Ministers (Bakti).

Gursharan had only praises for Rosmah, especially for her strong commitment to social causes as she was given a preview of performances for Bakti's charity dinner next month.

"We have formed a friendship. It shows that not only do both our countries share a bond, we are great friends too," Gursharan said in her speech after visiting the Siti Hasmah Bakti building here yesterday.

Gursharan said she was impressed with Bakti's work on behalf of underprivileged children and she would consider starting a similar association in India. "I am really impressed, very encouraged and inspired by the programmes," the Indian premier's wife said, adding "If we start now (in India), it will not be too late. It is never too late to do something good."

She promised to share her "experience with friends and family" back home. Rosmah in her speech said Gursharan was a dear friend and had been a gracious hostess during her visit to India in January.

"There should be ongoing efforts to maintain this close relationship between both governments and people," she was quoted as saying by the online media. Rosmah said that for the first time, eight students from India would be participating in the Permata Pintar summer camp in December aimed at enhancing the potential of gifted children.

She later presented a batik saree to Gursharan.