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Useful: Ankit surfs the net on the Volvo bus.

A drive to the Bangalore International Airport can get boring at times. But now, there is good news in store for the commuters. The BMTC Vayu Vajra Volvo buses have recently been equipped with touch-enabled LCD screens along with Internet service. This move, being the first-of-its- kind in any City, can be termed as a ‘test drive’ that aims to find out how well the commuters respond. Metrolife spoke to some commuters who have used this service and have welcomed it with open arms.

With almost a week into the new addition, Malkappa, the conductor of one of the Vayu Vajras, says that many commuters were very curious about the facility initially. He found many youngsters and business professionals glued to the screens. “I feel such a facility was needed because nowadays, most people are so occupied with the Internet that they don’t realise the traffic at all,” he adds.

Mounted on the back of each seat for comfortable browsing, the screens provide basic facilities to the commuters like checking email and browsing social networking sites. These enable the passengers to easily keep track of flight information, book tickets and even play some engaging games during their travel. “Staying connected has always been the need of the hour, especially for netizens like us. The new addition has been a great move on part of the BMTC and I hope slowly, many more buses will get it,” says Rohit, a businessman.

Having tried and tested the facility, Ankit explains that while the attempt is impressive, there is still space for improvement. “I did find the Internet a bit slow but apart from that, I feel it is a good move by the BMTC,” he says. While Vishnu, a student, warns that one must be careful with the privacy options. “With the service being a public one, there are chances of malpractice. So one must be careful and make sure there is enough privacy while logging on to sites like Facebook and Orkut,” he adds.

No doubt the young have responded positively to this new service. However, another community that has also found it advantageous is the business class. “The service also includes market updates informing one about the ups and downs in the market. And being in business, a three to four-hour-long drive can be crucial. That way, I have found the service very helpful,” says Rajeesh, a businessman.

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