Anganwadi Centre lacks facilities

Teachers and students are in constant fear of building collapse

But the aim can be fulfilled only if the centres are themselves provided proper facilities. Otherwise the children will not even wish to play, let alone study in the Anganwadi centres.

One such centre, unfortunately, is the Anganwadi centre in Hireballa village in Shidlaghatta taluk.

Bad shape

The school has windows, but they are broken. There is a building, but it is in a dilapidated condition.

When it rains heavily, water surrounds the building, trapping the children and the supervisors inside.

The school lacks an appropriate nameplate and has the title ‘Zilla Panchayat Women and Child Welfare Department Comprehensive Child Welfare Service Project Anganwadi Centre.

However, this nameplate is placed on the ground outside the centre, instead of being hung outside, on the wall.

It will become difficult to recognise the building as the Anganwadi Centre in the village, if this nameplate is lost or missing.

Illegal activity

Adjacent to the Anganwadi Centre is the midday meal hall. But the building lacks a door.
As a result, it has become a haunt for people working against the law. The stubs of beedis and cigarettes and also stains from paan prove that the school building is used for illegal activities.

Residents of Hireballa village complain against the midday meal hall remaining incomplete.

Forced to adjust

Parvathamma, the supervisor of the Anganwadi Centre, spoke to the Deccan Herald about the difficulties of the Centre.

She said, “The Centre has 15 children. The room is filled with water whenever it rains and we are forced to shift to the temple nearby.

“We are in perpetual fear of the inundated building falling on us and therefore, we seat the children near the entrance,” complained Parvathamma

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