A tough nut to crack!

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A tough nut to crack!

Inspiring: President Obama interacting with the students at St Xavier's College, Mumbai.

On his visit to India, President Obama faced some tough questions from a group of 300 students at St Xavier’s College, Mumbai. The interaction, which was watched by many young people in Bangalore, was spellbinding.

Not only did the students ask intelligent questions, Obama handled them nicely as well.

Metrolife asked the students about their views on Obama’s visit in general and his session with the students in particular. 

“From the very beginning, it was obvious that Obama had come with an intention of getting more job opportunities for people in the US but in what way did it help us? I don’t think India really benefited from his visit,” says Bhavana, a student.

According to Nitya, a first year student, there is a lot one could learn from Obama. “He is my idol and inspiration. The fact that he chose to visit India itself says a lot about the potential of our country. Plus, as students we got to learn a lot from him – the way he speaks to his diplomatic skills,” she adds.

One of the questions asked by the Mumbai student, as to why Pakistan was such an important ally of America that it had never called it a terrorist state, was liked by many students in the City.

“It definitely put Obama on the spot. It was very daring of the student to ask that. But his diplomatic answer to the question was rather disappointing. It only makes one feel that all Obama does is talk and do nothing,” says Glen, a degree student.

The student community in the City also felt that they should have been given a chance to interact with the President.

Says Riju Mohan, a student, “Given a chance, I wouldn’t mind asking Obama as to what his real intention was of visiting India. It surely couldn’t have been a 10 billion dollar deal? And finally, is he really happy with what he got in return?”

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