Mother-in-law is no laughing matter

 In a survey, a large number of women say that mothers-in-law who question their parenting skills or turn up uninvited are the biggest causes of annoyance.

Seven in 10 mothers say they have to endure a controlling matriarch who criticises their parenting skills, with major sources of irritation being questioning how they bring up their children, mollycoddling their son, and trying to spoil their grandchildren too much.

The mother-in-law turning up uninvited is another cause of annoyance, according to the poll conducted by parenting website

While conducting a survey of 1,000 mothers, it received dozens of testimonies from women who have confided that they can’t stand their husband’s mother.

The survey found that 39 per cent are annoyed at their mother-in-law criticising their approach to child-raising.

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