Teachers slam BU's evaluation reforms

Increase in answer sheets for evaluators and scanners receive thumbs down

Recently, the Acdemic Council of BU decided to increase the number of answer scripts each valuer will go through daily - 18 each in the morning and the afternoon. Earlier, an examiner would have to value at least 12 answer sheets in each session. The decision was taken to ensure speedy declaration of results.

While supporters of the new scheme argue that it would speed up announcement of results, critics warn that it would lead to ‘faulty and hurried’ evaluation.

Besides, BU will also monitor the evaluation process at the numerous centres as part of a complex set of measures aimed at making the system transparent. Further, the new scheme puts the onus of tabulating the answer scripts on teachers.  

Taken by surprise, many teachers said the new scheme had put them in a fix as they can’t avail of conveyance allowance. “The new reforms would reduce the university’s expenditure. But they will not increase the efficiency of evaluators. Rather, more errors would creep in evaluation,” said a teacher at a prominent women’s college. V S Sreedhara, Head of the Department of English at Vijaya College, said the new system was ‘unfair’ and paints all evaluators with the same brush. “BU has introduced the measure as it found that a few evaluators could assess 12 answer sheets per hour. If someone can evaluate 100 copies per day, it doesn’t imply that evaluators are as swift and capable. It’s not only a burden on us, but also an unscientific and ill-conceived move,” he added. 

Moreover, BU has also replaced the flying squads with invigilation teams at each test centre. Many teachers complain that such teams have been overburdened with enormous work load. At many test centres, members of the sitting squad chose to spend time in staff rooms instead of monitoring the students.

Biometric kiosks

Biometric scanners to mark the attendance of invigilator have also been put in place. “We don’t want any evaluator to return home before the specified time. Each evaluator will be paid Rs 20 for each paper he/she evaluates,” T R Subramanya, Registrar (Evaluation), said.  But many teachers argue that these practices might not improve the accountability of evaluators.

“The new scheme of monitoring teachers springs from a faulty premise that academic work is similar to a desk job. Authorities cannot expect us to finish the work with a typist or clerk’s speed,” says the professor of a city college. 

Educationists said that the University has conducted any consultative workshop before taking the decision. “BU came up with decision after a few officials recommended for it last year. We are extremely disappointed by BU’s dictatorial attitude. There’s a growing concern among teachers that the move will be counterproductive,” a professor said.  


*  Each evaluator has to assess at least 36 answer sheets from 10 am to 5.30 pm.
*  Earlier, the limit was 24.
*  BU pays Rs 20 for evaluating an answer sheet, with each
valuer getting Rs 720 a day in addition to a sumptuary allowance of Rs 30.
*  If an examiner evaluates less than 18 scripts per session, he/she will be paid a lump sum of Rs 400.  

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