Spread good chi in your garden space

Feng Shui offers proof that by using the power of positive energy (chi) around us, we can improve our lives. How we make the house look with proper lighting especially near the entrance, garden area and the gate determines the type of energy around the building.
Garden Feng Shui is in many respects the most important part of Feng Shui practice, for it is here that the quality of the energy that surrounds our living space is determined. Having proper lighting in the garden is one way of creating the right balance and flow of chi energy.

Earlier the garden or outdoors was lit up, to allow people entering the house after dark to see clearly and to prevent burglary. In these modern times, landscape lighting is done to enhance the beauty of the garden. Landscape lighting has become a work of art. The aim of landscape lighting is to display the house and the garden in its entire splendour after dark. The lighting has a functional aspect apart from providing well-lit outdoors that help prevent thefts.

There are two kinds of lighting methods for gardens. One is a practical and simple way that ensure that the garden is made use of after sunset and the other is to accentuate certain areas of the garden. Lights which line a path and those set into stair raisers can make a homecoming much more welcoming than to find our way through obstacles in the dark.

Adding lights to your Feng Shui garden can create a warm inviting glow in the evenings, giving it a balanced and relaxed feel. Interesting lighting can be used to highlight plants and foliage, enhancing the colours of the season. Light symbolises the fire element and generates yang energy (positive), which creates a feel of good Feng Shui.

Placing candles or even oil lamps in terracotta lamp holders spread across the garden is also considered auspicious. The warm glow of candles always adds to the ambience of the garden and brings in more positive energy.

Some homes experiment with lighting by creating a more dramatic effect by hanging lanterns from hooks or trees which is especially potent when placed in the south of any garden. Small lights placed anywhere in your Feng Shui garden create good fortune by adding positive yang chi. By cleverly using lighting, you can effectively harness Earth luck, thereby enhancing and activating family and relationship luck.

Soft and subtle garden lighting placed beneath foliage or behind rocks can add to the ambience of your garden and enhance positive yang energy.

If the areas you plan on using lighting receive plenty of sun during the daytime, try using solar powered lighting that automatically turns on when the sun sets. Garden lighting is best placed below eye level to reduce dazzle and to avoid creating shadows, which can be disconcerting in the dark. Placing lights behind and under the plants enables us to view the scene from a different perspective and the results are wonderful.

Trees when lit from underneath blossom trees and those with interesting shaped branches can make a wonderful garden feature.

In Feng Shui, it is said that the house name and door number are equally important and proper lighting lifts the overall “chi” of the house near the entrance and garden space.

(The author is a Feng Shui consultant and traditional Vaastu practitioner. He can be contacted on ph: 080-25252456 or 25252109 Email:-consultation@fengshuiserver.com)

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