Indian Sarasparilla

This plant is locally known as Nannari. Indian Sarasparilla is known as ‘Sogadeberu’, ‘Haluballi’ in Kannada and ‘Namadaberu’ and ‘Nannariberu’ in Tulu. It is known as ‘Sariva’ and ‘Sugandhi’ in Sankrit.

Syrup of the roots is available in the market and ‘Saarivadyasava’ and ‘Saarivadyarishta’ are the brand names of Ayurvedic preparations which have Nannari as content in it along with other herbs.

The roots are effective antidote for scorpion sting and snake bite. They are good medicines for diarrhoea, blood purifier and have antirheumatic properties too. They are used to cure skin diseases and urinary disorders. Nannari syrup is also used to prepare cold beverage.

Religious importance of this plant is in Rushipanchami vratha, pushpa pooja, saptharshi vana. Its scientific name is ‘Hemidismus indicus’ and it belongs to ‘periplocaceae’ family.

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