DuPont to hire 350 people in India

"As the market for Dupont products in India is growing, we have to focus more on establishing stronger connect with customers and localise technologies. This is the reason we set up a Knowledge Centre in Hyderabad," DuPont CEO Ellen Kullman told reporters here at the India Economic Summit.

DuPont India currently employs 360 scientists, engineers and researchers at the Knowledge Centre. "We are looking to double the number in the next 2-3 years," DuPont India President South Asia Balvinder Singh Kalsi said.

Employing more people here will help us develop more products and applications relevant to India, he added.

DuPont employs 1,800 people in India for manufacturing and research. Meanwhile, commenting on India expansion plans, Kullman said the company will invest in increasing the size of its business here but did not give details.

DuPont India markets a range of products in sectors like agriculture, food and nutrition, health care, home and construction, electronics, safety and protection, transportation and infrastructure. The company has six production facilities in India.

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