Angry mob thrashes teacher for 'misbehaviour'

High drama witnessed at Hassan Public school in city

OUtburst: Police taking the accused teacher to their custody, in a bid to rescue him from being assaulted by the mob, in Hassan on Monday. Dh Photo

This incident has taken place at the Hassan Public School. The school authorities handed over the accused teacher to the police. The angry parents assaulted him while he was being taken out of the school premises.

According to police, the accused, Yoga Narasimha, was allegedly sexually harassing the student for sometime. Because of this, the girl student was hesitating to go to the school. Later, she complained to her parents about the ‘misbehaviour’ of the teacher. Although, the parents had brought this to the notice of the school management last Thursday, no action was initiated against the accused teacher.

This morning, the parents came to the school and held discussion with the school management. However, the school management claimed that the school chairman, H K Javaregowda, who is also a former Rajya Sabha member, and president of the district Janata Dal (Secular) Unit, was in Bangalore.

They said they cannot take any decision in the absence of the chairman. But the parents told the management that they would not leave the place till Javaregowda came to the school. At last, Javaregowda came to the school around 4 pm. By that time a big crowd had assembled in the school compound. Fearing attack on the teacher by the angry mob, the school authorities had locked Yoga Narasimha in a room. The school chairman, first discussed the issue with the school authorities, and then informed the police.

Police step in  

A police jeep went near the main entrance gate from where the police took the teacher inside the vehicle amid tight security. The citizens, whose temper had reached high, assaulted Yoga Narasimha and beat him up black and blue.

The efforts by the mob to stop the jeep near the main gate, were foiled by the police. This incident threw traffic on Salagame Road for sometime.

The parents and others entered into a heated argument with police sub-inspectors, Banu and Vinay.  Sensing trouble, Police Inspector Girijesh also came to the spot and dispersed the mob. The agitators raised slogans against the police for giving protection to the accused teacher.


Later, talking to news persons, Javaregowda described the incident as ‘unfortunate’ and opined that such incidents should not happen in any schools. The school had appointed Yoga Narasimha since he had the work experience. “We will not keep the accused teacher in the school anymore”, he added. Hassan Town Police have registered a case.

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