It's Bidari vs Bidari

I did not impersonate anyone, says mining entrepreneur Mallamma

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, she said she wanted an apology from Shankar Bidari and also the proof implicating her in the attempt to use the name ‘Bidari’ to gain undue advantage.

A few days ago, the Commissioner had issued a clarification in the press stating that he had received complaints that Mallamma Bidari of Todalabagi village in Jamkhandi taluk of Bagalkot district, claimed to be his sister and was trying to influence police officers and members of the public to gain undue advantage, particularly in Jamkhandi taluk as well as Devanahalli taluk in buying land, and that she was in no way related to him.

In her open letter to the Commissioner, Mallamma Bidari said she was not into real estate business at Devanahalli, nor had she ever claimed to be his relative.

She said the Commissioner’s “irresponsible” behaviour and “thirst for cheap publicity” had caused irreparable damage to her family, friends and society in general.

She further said the Commissioner’s action was an attempt to help her political rivals who have influenced him to misuse his official capacity.

Mallamma Bidari is affiliated to the JD(S) and has extensive mining interests. Her company, Global Exporters has an annual turnover of Rs 200 crore.

She insisted that a senior officer, Bidari, should have verified the facts, before coming out with a damaging statement.

She has warned the Commissioner of legal action if he does not respond within seven days.

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