'Revamp curriculum to meet practical issues'

Speaking after inaugurating the 7th National Control Instrumentation System Conference,  she said “currently we emphasis more on mathematical analysis modelling and simulation in control engineering courses at the post-graduation-level. The courses tend to be very abstract and the student find extremely difficult to relay it to the applications.” She said that researchers are attempting to build flexible microsystems that enable drug delivery implants for the human body. A control engineer needs to apply his/her engineering talents across numerous disciplines and numerous functions within these disciplines.  

She said that currently India imports most of the sensors, instrumentation and control equipment. Healthcare cost could be brought down tremendously if we are able to design and manufacture many of the precision bio-instrumentation and control system.   

India is emerging as a lead player in embedded system design. The embedded system implements the signal chain which includes sensors, analog signal conditioning, analog to digital conversion, embedded processing using micro-controller, multi-processor cores, wired and wireless communication interface, she said.

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