Mind over matter


Mind over matter

Caring: Vidya Balan giving away the award to S Rajalakshmi.

It was a unique event in the sense that the awardees were people who had successfully overcome disabilities. It was their strong mental power that shone through and through the function.

The Dr Batra’s Positive Health Awards 2010 was given away by actress Vidya Balan. It recognised five special abled achievers — S Rajalakshmi, a wheelchair-bound dental surgeon, Deva Reddy, a visually-impaired vocalist who runs a free residential music school for blind girls, Shreedhar Rajaram, afflicted with polio and runs an NGO for the underprivileged students and Sona Jose, afflicted with cerebral palsy and working for the rights of the disabled. Along with these special personalities, an eye surgeon Anand Vinekar was also honoured by Mukesh Batra and Rajiv Bajaj. A few short films made on the success stories of these achievers were screened on the occasion.

Speaking after receiving the award, Shreedhar Rajaram said, “As I was affected by polio I couldn’t go to school. When I came across some children who dropped out of school due to family problems, I thought of helping them in some way. Now, with the help of my Trust, more than 120 children are studying in schools and colleges. Today, after getting the award as well as the recognition, I feel more responsible towards society.”

During the ceremony, the audience were treated to some scintillating performances by specially challenged children who danced to popular songs Jai Ho, Galipata and Give Me Some Sunshine.

Speaking on the occasion Mukesh Batra said, “These awards are just a small reward for a big achievement. These heroes demonstrated that human spirit can conquer the frailties of the human body and disability cannot stop people from scaling great heights.”

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