Bloody bedlam

Nagaram Marupakkam is Violence Incorporated. In trying to tell the tale of a henchman wishing to reform and tread the peaceful path, director Sundar C fills the film with unmitigated gore and bloodshed, the very elements the protagonist wants to eschew to lead a normal life.

Ironically, Sundar C also plays the lead. No wonder, with the spotlight solely on him in his own enterprise, he towers large over the predictable proceedings hard to digest.
Nagaram..., which narrates the gritty tale of a man with a frightful past (but golden heart) wanting to lead normal life with wife Bharati and family, also focuses on betrayal in friendship, greedy and corrupt cops and ugly business rivalry.

With ghosts of his past wreaking havoc Gate Selvam is unable to break the criminal rubicon to lead a normal life despite honest intentions.

Though having experienced death up, close and personal playing footsie to his masters and bhais, he now lives every waking moment in the dread when death would knock on his own doors. How Selvam’s Hamletian dilemma finally pans out forms the fulcrum of Nagaram Maruppakkam.  
While Sundar is in full play, Anuya Bagawath as the glam girl, sizzles with her skin show and swaying to dance ensembles.

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