In 2009, 8 children committed suicide every day

Startling data from the Home Ministry shows that 2,951 children, including 1,450 girls, ended their lives in 2009.

Madhya Pradesh reported most deaths with 266 boys and 242 girls committing suicide.
This was followed by West Bengal (453), Karnataka (366), Tamil Nadu (280), Chhattisgarh (180), Rajasthan (161), Orissa (136) and Uttar Pradesh (113).

Manipur did not report any suicide in that category while Jammu and Kashmir and Nagaland reported two suicides each in the age-group during the year.

Most suicides in the country were reported in the age group of 15-29 years followed by 30-44 years. While 43,920 suicides were reported in the former category, 43,488 were reported in the later age group last year, the data shows.

Across the country, 127151 people ended their lives during the year in which 81471 were men while 45680 women. This translates into nearly 348 suicides every day.

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