Adarsh: CBI wants info from MoD on salary of top army officers

Adarsh: CBI wants info from MoD on salary of top army officers

The CBI has procured the documents from the Maharashtra government in which the profiles of all the members of the controversial housing society were mentioned along with their monthly income, official sources said.

The documents had earlier been made public by an RTI activist Yogacharya Anandji which showed that then Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor had shown his salary as Rs 23,450 and surprisingly around the same time his Lieutenant General Tejinder Singh had announced his salary as Rs 41,000 a month.

CBI has collected these documents of 2007 and will write to the Ministry of Defence seeking details regarding the same, a senior official said adding, if the officials had filed false affidavits, action could be taken against them for "misrepresentation of facts".
When asked to comment on these allegations, former Army Chief General Kapoor said that he had applied to the society on December 26, 2005 when he was serving as Lt General of Northern Army Command.

"I had given a salary slip which showed my monthly emoluments at Rs 47,000 per month with nearly Rs 7,000 deducted as Income Tax," Kapoor told PTI.

Gen Kapoor said he was not aware as to how these documents showed the date of December 2007 as he had supplied no documents in that year for the society.

According to the documents procured under the RTI Act by Anandji, Kapoor while registering for a flat in the plush society in south Mumbai, had declared his monthly salary income as Rs 23,450 only while Singh declared Rs 41,000 as his monthly income. Former Army chief Nirmal Chander Vij had in 2007 declared his monthly income as Rs 39,825.
The documents have showed at least 40 out of the 87 proposed Adarsh members declared monthly income of Rs 12,500 or lower as of January 2004 (71-member list) and December 2007 (16-member list). Under a 1999 government resolution, civilians as well as retired defence and government employees could not get memberships in societies like Adarsh unless they earned Rs 12,500 a month or lower. The rule was later relaxed for a few officers.

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