Sleek beauties parade on the streets

Owners pride

The event was organised for all the owners of Fiat 1100 to share their experiences and Vintage : The Fiat cars at the technical information.

All the club members were upbeat as they shared their experiences and took part in the rally. Karthik M B, one of the founding members of the club, was happy with the response the club got for the vintage beauties. “This time, ‘118 NE Club Bangalore’ also joined hands with us for the rally. It’s a positive sign that youngsters are showing interest in these cars,” he said.

Chethan Kumar, the founder of 118 NE Club Bangalore was elated to take part in the rally. “These days, we see a lesser number of Fiat cars on the road. So I decided to get all the 118 NE owners together. I thought it would be nice to join the Fiat car members and share our views,” he included.

Mohammed Yusuf, who owns a 1957 model car, gets the pleasure of driving only by riding a Fiat. “I have other cars also. But the experience of driving a Fiat is totally different,” he said.

A R Modaliyar, another member, was a bit upset as he could not bring his car out as the roads in front of his house were all dug up. “Though I couldn’t bring my Fiat today, I could not stop myself from taking part in the event. My car has run on the roads of Badrinath, Kedarnath, Nainital and many other places. It hasn’t given any problem ever,” exclaimed the proud owner.

Sharath Namburi, a young owner of a 1970 Fiat, is very passionate about his car. “I have always had a Fiat at home. Hence, I share a close bond with it. Now, I have 1100 Delight which was earlier owned by the general manager of HMT.

After purchasing it, I painted it with red colour which is a favourite colour of the youngsters. Those who laughed at me when I bought it are now asking me whether it’s for sale,” he beamed.

Vikram, another participant, said, “The good thing about a Fiat is that it never lets you down. I have fixed big wheels for my car to give it a different look. This look was in my mind since my childhood,” he said.

All the Fiat owners zoomed on their cars for a drive, which started from Lalbagh and ended at Golf Course, Sankey Road. The club members had also provided the route map to all the participants in order to avoid confusion. Later, they headed towards the Bangalore International Airport for a long drive and had lunch at a restaurant on the way.

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