Lokayukta writes to CS

Questioning the rationale behind the move when a separate full-fledged inquiry has been initiated by him, the Lokayukta said in his letter to Chief Secretary S V Ranganath on Thursday: “I am investigating a few cases of land scams filed against the Chief Minister.

At this juncture, a judicial probe has been announced without my consent violating Section 8 (2) (B) of the Karnataka Lokayukta Act, 1984.”

Talking to Deccan Herald on the issue, Lokayukta said: “This is a matter of dignity of my institution. The Government has surreptitiously gobbled up the authority of the Lokayukta. If I keep quiet now, it’ll set a bad precedent for my successors. Hence, I chose to question the move.”

Refuting the allegation that he was biased towards the Chief Minister, Justice Hegde said: “In my view, Deve Gowda and Yeddyurappa are equal. It’s not about looking into personal profiles but faith in law is stake. If they politely say they have no faith in me and therefore I should give up the investigation, I’ll oblige them,” the Lokayukta added.

Justice Hegde also sought to reject the charge that he is keen on conducting investigation against the Chief Minister.

Lokayukta’s letter

“The Commissions of Inquiry Act, 1952 precedes the Lokayukta Act. But handing over a case being investigated by the Lokayukta or the Upa Lokayukta to any other commission requires their mandatory consent. This is clearly stipulated in Section 8 (2) (B) of the Karnataka Lokayukta Act.

“Article 254 of the Constitution calls for avoiding inconsistencies between laws made by the Parliament and the Legislative Assembly. Accordingly, the President examined the Lokayukta Act and looked for contradictions before giving his consent. Hence, transferring any case being investigated by the Lokayukta requires his consent. But, this has not been done.

“The Government has violated both the Article 254 and Section 8 (2) (B) of the Lokayukta Act. This, I feel, is wrong. It should be explained properly.”

The Lokayukta asserted that he would not stop his investigation. 

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