Caught in the act

Violating norms

Caught in the act

 No rules: A policeman riding on a one-way from the wrong side.

What happens when lawmakers turn lawbreakers? What happens when cops, who are supposed to manage the traffic in the City by adhering to the rules, try to break the rules themselves? There have been many instances when the cops have broken rules by riding without helmets and even entering one-way lanes from the wrong side in broad daylight.

Metrolife speaks to a few people who have witnessed such happenings.

Says Sunil Kadam, a student, “The other day, I saw a police bike parked on a
footpath and the owner of the bike was not around. I was wondering if I had parked my bike on the pavement, I would have been in for a royal showdown. I don't think it is fair on their part to misuse their powers.”

Deepika, another student who has seen the cops riding without a helmet, says, “I have seen them riding happily on the roads without wearing helmets. Why should laws exist at all if this is the state of affairs? They pocket so much from us in the name of fine but when they are not in the right path themselves, there is nobody to fine them.”

Says Ravi, a BPO employee, “Since I work in the night shift, there have been times when I have seen cops standing in front of bars. Once, instead of closing down the bar, I saw them collect fines that too, without issuing a receipt. I have even seen a cop riding through a one-way road from the wrong side. I get so annoyed looking at such incidents.”

Prem, a BPO employee, sees the cops violating laws every other day. “I am fed up of seeing such incidents and I just hate the helpless situation that we are in. What can we do in such situations is a question that needs to be answered. Our complaints fall on deaf ears and the cops think they are invincible when it comes to such incidents.”

Shivkumar, another IT professional says, “I see cops breaking the rules every now and then. I have even tried taking photographs and putting them on social networking sites.

At least then people would realise the gravity of such incidents. I think the public should not spare them during such times. They should make a note of their vehicle number and inform the authorities. Sometimes the atrocities they commit are just unbearable.”

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