The sunshine Treasure Hunt Windows

So their curriculum coaxes them to show up on just the day when I most need a glitter to a dark and dismal day when ghouls and baby cobras are scuttling around me and trampling on my treasures!

A stained glass window arrives like a sun's house keeper, washing itself in the sun's golden vacuum cleaner. Then it discovers the shine that is always there under us no matter how greedy the ghouls and the lying moles pouncing on the pearls, the paper and pen and all things bright and beautiful.

Inside stained glass windows the world's greatest and wisest stories are kept safely. The heartbreak and the glory of kings and queens and smaller fry, the comfort of angels and the badgering of bullies, the ragged edges of rogues and ruffians, are all turned into an awesome kaleidoscope that forgives and forgets and cleans up everything with an enchanted paintbrush.

On a bright day when the sun pounces on one of its stained glass house keepers, you forget every onerous ordeal gobbling you up and are entranced. Splashed with the talent of the only artist whose 1001 colours can pack off any calamity leaving you with calm and clarity, this stained glass wizardry embraces you with tiny jewels embedded in each minute of every day! It is unbilled magic that only coaxes you to walk more to continue the treasure hunt of happiness!

Daksha Hathi

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