Indian Tulip Tree

Its flashy yellow flowers with purple spot in the centre are popularly known as ‘Hoovarasi’ and ‘Adavibende’ in Kannada. In Malayalam, the flower is called as ‘Kattupoovarasi’.

The tree is mostly planted for shade and its ornamental value. The tree is easily grown from seeds or its cut branches. The timber from this tree is hard and is used in making cart wheels, furniture and gum stocks. A swarm of honey bees are attracted towards the trees flowers for its nectar.

The bark of the tree is astringent and anti-dysenteric. The roots, fruits and leaves of this tree are used in curing scabies and psoriasis.

The tree is known as ‘Pooparthi’ in Tulu and ‘Paarisha’ in Sanskrit. The tree is scientifically called as ‘Thespesia populnea’ and it belongs to Malvaceae family.

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