'My Build-2010' unfolds in city

Changing Times

While most civil engineers would agree with what American country music singer David Allan Coe’s statement, “It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time,” many people would also want their homes to be beautiful.

With the inauguration of the tenth edition of ‘My Build 2010’, developers, builders and people dreaming about building their own home can get a view of all the latest developments taking place in the field of construction sector.

With an exhibition consisting of 110 stalls, people can have glimpses of the various types of material that are being used for constructing houses and apartments and also the changes taking place across the globe. The exhibition which will be open up to December 13 focuses on the technology used to construct houses at a faster rate.

Speaking to City Herald, Builders’ Association of India (BAI), Mysore Centre Chairman U M Gurushanthappa said that earlier whenever a house was constructed, then after the roofing work had taken place, the centring had to provided for a period of 21 days.

However, with the advent of new changes taking place in construction, the centring could be kept for a period of seven days or three days depending on the material and chemical compounds that are used in construction.

Also stalls will provided information of every product needed to build a home such as floor tiles, water supply and sanitation, solar water heating systems, conventional and upcoming construction materials and water proofing methods.

While ‘My Build’ will provide the public information on materials, ‘Build Tech’, a seminar on ‘Fast Track Construction’ is also being organised on December 11 and 12 at Senate Bhavan. More than 500 delegates are expected to participate in the seminar, which will have speakers from UK, USA, England and Australia presenting lectures. Gurushanthappa said that with the construction sector booming across the globe, the need for constructing buildings at a faster rate has become essential to cope up with the demands.

He said that the seminar will focus on discussing various issues related to designs, form work and material that needs to be used.

Citing an example of how fast track construction is taking place, Build Tech Chairman Subramanya Rao said that a project undertaken at Sathagalli, every day one roof is being put across a building every day. Earlier, you had wait atleast 21 days after the roof had been set-up.

Also he said that in Bangalore, a private firm is constructing one roof across an apartment every third day. With such a huge construction technology shift that is taking place, Subramanya Rao said that delegates at the seminar will include people from across the country including government officials, developers and students.


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