Slow work inconveniences people

The demolition drive in Chikkaballapur has its down side

As work has been going on on Bazaar Road for the last three days traffic movement has been completely banned on the Road. The number of pedestrians too has decreased considerably.

Business hit

This, in turn, has seriously affected business on the Road. “A huge tree on the Road is being slowly felled. The work began three days ago. But since both vehicles and people are kept away from the Road, our business is affected greatly. Even small shop-owners are facing problems,” explained Sridhar Murthy, a businessman on Bazaar Road.


The tree can be felled in just one day using big machines. The timber can then be auctioned. Alternatively, such work should be carried out during nighttime.

However, since work of bringing the tree down is being carried out in the middle of the day, people- both businessmen and customers- are inconvenienced.

The businessmen in the city therefore requested the authorities to complete the work quickly and relieve the people of the trouble.

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