No more as beautiful

No more as beautiful


No more as beautiful

And people would talk about the result and how fair and unfair it was several weeks after the pageant was over. But that excitement seems to have faded away. People no longer follow the pageants with the same fanatic intensity. They’d rather spend their time doing something more worthwhile. These fashion contests have become repetitive, predictable and monotonous, they say. Metrolife interacted with a cross-section of people from the City and asked them if the charm woven around pageants have faded.

Meghna Shetty

“Beauty contests were popular in the 90s but they’re no longer as popular. All the models look alike and they seem to have no separate identity of their own. Even as far as the event is concerned, it no longer has the glamour quotient which used to lure
youngsters earlier. I personally think this is a good trend because people are finally
growing up.”

Vinita Goyal

“I still watch beauty contests regularly. There is a feel good factor when you watch these shows. People tend to idolise some of these models. They are also an inspiration to the young people to look good, speak better, dress better and have the right attitude. The best part about watching these contests is that even you get the opportunity to make judgments about who deserves the title.”

Pranav B Uday

“Every alternate day there is a beauty contest. I heard about something called ‘Miss Plastic’ where the prettiest woman with plastic surgery was awarded. What is the world coming to? Beauty, according to me, is not about wearing short clothes, make up and cat walking, it is about who you are from within. I believe that a typical Indian girl is undoubtedly the most beautiful woman in the world. So beauty contests can take a break.”

Akanxa V Chauhan

“Beauty contests are quite popular with women these days and the reason is simple, women love to be complimented. And beauty contests do just that, compliment women on every aspect. They are popular with women more so these days because women are not just restricted to certain areas of life but are active participants in local and global issues and have made themselves, their family and nation proud.”

Priyanka Jaidka

“I personally feel that a beauty pageant gives you an opportunity to discover your inner self confidence, explore your strengths and weaknesses and improve as an individual. For a participant, it is definitely an experience of a lifetime, as you are groomed by the best people who give you guidelines to get better. If you do win, the bonus is fame.” 

Ashwin Jairam

“Beauty contests are very lame. They make way for casting couch. Women are exploited in the name of beauty contests. Most of them have no option but to get involved in all the negatives and that reflects badly on their character. There aren’t any right people to judge them.”